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Find Your Exposure

Discover how your art can work for you

Find Your Exposure

Discover how your art can work for you

Focus On What You Do Best

We print, frame and distribute your work, leaving you to do what you do best! By managing this process, we ensure speedy delivery and ship your art fitted with high-quality hand-made frames.

How it Works

Our mission is to make it smoother than ever for independent artists to sell their work and get recognised…

1.  Create a profile & submit your best photos

2. Art lovers order framed prints

3. Togge prints, frames and ships on your behalf

4. Receive your commissions through PayPal

Commissions are paid after the two week refund period has expired. No commission is paid on returned goods, until the item is resold.

Earnings Made Simple

Earn 60% of profits on each sale made through Profits are calculated after VAT and the cost of printing, framing and shipping. See our example calculation below…

Print Only Print + Frame
RRP £115 £265
After VAT £96 £221
Print/Frame Costs - £25 - £150
Rev After Costs £71 £71
Your Earnings (60%) £42.50 £42.50

Who Owns My Photos?

You own 100% of your work! We may use your images to promote your profile and our platform on social media, online or in print but will never financially benefit without your permission. Read more in the Terms & Conditions.

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Still have questions?

If you’d like to talk to someone directly, before or after creating a profile, you can reach us at:

Tel: +44 207 859 4532


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